Interoperability: Dero's place in the future market

From: Stan Grumman <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2019 10:54:06 +0000

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As the decade draws to a close, I think it's worth spending some time to th=
ink about what decentralized cybernetic systems such as Dero should look li=
ke into the 2020s. I do not propose at this point to suggest a comprehensiv=
e answer to this question, only to start a conversation about how the Dero =
network itself could start to provide such an answer.

The current state of affairs in the nascent crypto world -- with Bitcoin he=
gemonic -- is clearly anomalous and antithetical to radically decentralized=
 ideals. The market's current "winner takes all" structure promotes this si=
tuation, and is thus also worth struggling against. It is clear that at pre=
sent, Dero is not winning very much: but aiming to "win" in this archaic wa=
y is fundamentally counterproductive. Instead, we should celebrate the dive=
rsity and vibrancy and enthusiasm of crypto, and embrace interoperability. =
In this way, we can challenge the arid hegemonic structure of the current m=

What does this mean pragmatically? Dero in the near future should embrace i=
nteroperability features such as atomic swaps, and other mechanisms for sec=
ure cross-chain interaction; and the Dero community should promote these fe=
atures in other coins and platforms, and eschew those platforms that subscr=
ibe to the old closed-minded mentality.

Similarly, as soon as the Dero mainnet is stabilized, the Dero protocol sho=
uld be written up into a precise formal specification. We should promote th=
e development of alternative clients: one of the great strengths of the BTC=
 and ETH ecosystems is their experimentation with multiple implementations.=
 A formal specification is also a key step on the road towards autonomous (=
i.e., on-chain) governance of the Dero project.

Although we all love Dero, we should accept that in the future, there will =
be a plethora of interacting coins and contracts and platforms. We should e=
mbrace this future, and lead the way in promoting it. In this way, we will =
all benefit, just as natural ecosystems are recurrently reinforced by rich =
diversity and vigorous competition. This is the only viable path to breakin=
g the hegemony of Bitcoin and letting decentralized finance reach its true =
potential. Standing alone, we have no chance.

-- jopari

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